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Brandon Woods Brandon Woods
About Us
The Brandon Woods community is a condominium community comprised entirely of free-standing homes.  The Condominium Association takes care of landscape maintenance and irrigation for the community, trash pickup, painting of the exterior siding, trim, and building surfaces, power washing, and all upkeep of common areas, allowing residents to enjoy the historic Williamsburg area without all the maintenance requirements of traditional home ownership.  For specific maintenance responsibilities, please consult the condominium documents which will be controlling.  The development was established and organized as a condominium, subject to the Virginia Condominium Act, with each resident owning a portion of their lot as well as the home.  Thus, we are more uniquely known as a set of “landominiums".  The community was designed to be a low-maintenance community with condominium ownership, but done so in a manner resembling a traditional neighborhood with larger lots and extensive landscaping.
Many Brandon Woods residents enjoy participating in a wide variety of community activities including a wine and dine program, a bridge club, a book club, a men's luncheon group, and a ladies luncheon group.